Andronico Statement Regarding Recent Social Media Posts by QPS Students

A statement from Vice Chair Anthony J. Andronico regarding recent social media posts

by students at Quincy High School & North Quincy High School:

The past few months have been a time of reflection for many not only in Quincy, but our Commonwealth and country. The unjust murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and countless others, have made me think deeply about whether Quincy Public Schools (QPS) was doing enough to address the issues of racial bias. The fact is, no community, including my hometown of Quincy, is exempt from these issues.

I am very proud of the way in which our students have voiced their lived experiences with these issues in our schools – they have provided us with an opportunity to make real positive change that will impact current and future students. It’s important that we do not squander that opportunity.

In recent days and weeks, I’ve had conversations with my colleagues, Interim Superintendent Mulvey, and the QPS Administration regarding how we move forward together. Throughout those conversations it is apparent that we can do more. Mr. Mulvey is working with our High School Principals to provide students with an appropriate platform to discuss their experiences in a safe and supportive environment. Students may use those platforms to discuss topics important to them – including imagery associated with their school and any changes they feel are appropriate to better represent their student body. The QPS Administration is also implementing further professional development on racial bias throughout the district and is reviewing potential updates to our curriculum that better reflect the concerns raised.

At our next meeting on July 8th, I will be proposing a resolution reaffirming the School Committee’s commitment to fostering an environment in which all our students feel they are treated with respect and dignity. In addition, in my role as Vice Chair, I will be proposing the formal establishment of the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Subcommittee so the School Committee has a dedicated structure in place to discuss these topics moving forward. This platform will allow us to grow, develop, and determine a path that makes sense for our students, their families, and our residents. If the subcommittee is confirmed by my colleagues, Quincy would become one of only a handful of districts to have such a platform.

I want to thank our students and alumni who have spoken up and are using their voices to implement the change they want to see. I also strongly encourage those that have submitted anonymous allegations on social media to go through the formal complaint process via a mandated reporter so that Quincy Public Schools may properly investigate claims.


Anthony J. Andronico

Vice Chair, Quincy School Committee

North Quincy High School 2011

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