Info Sheet: QPS Superintendent Search Process

The Quincy School Committee has begun the process of selecting a new Superintendent of Schools. The information below provides an overview of the work that has already been completed and how we plan on moving forward. As always, my colleagues and I are here to address any comments, questions, or concerns, so please feel free to reach out. For the most up-to-date information, you should visit the dedicated page on the QPS website here

Superintendent Leadership Profile Survey

Participate in the Superintendent Leadership Profile Survey: The results of the survey will help the School Committee determine the best criteria for selecting the next Superintendent of Schools. The survey will assist them in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of Quincy Public Schools and the skills and abilities most sought after in a new Superintendent.

Virtual Focus Groups

Participate in virtual focus group meetings to provide further insight into your feelings on the skills, abilities, and experiences the next Superintendent should possess. These sessions will be facilitated by the Massachusetts Association of School Committees. To this point, focus groups have been completed for parents, teachers, administrators, principals, and staff. If you’d like to participate in a focus group to further delineate your thoughts, please contact the Massachusetts Association of School Committees Executive Director, Glenn Koocher, at and he will further assist you in finding a time that works for you.

The Timeline

  • June 25: Deadline for submitting applications
  • July 2: Semifinalists selected
  • July 13-17: Semifinalist interviews/finalists selected
  • July 27-August 7: Site visit/finalist interviews*
  • August 12: School Committee appointment vote
  • Date TBD: Superintendent start date to be negotiated
  • *Site visits pending public health guidelines

The Role of the Superintendent Search Committee

A 13-member Superintendent Search Committee has also been set up by the School Committee. The Search Committee is responsible for reviewing initial applications for the position and selecting candidates they will interview as semi-finalists. After the semi-finalist interviews, all candidates will be given a score by the Search Committee based on the selection criteria for the position; the scores will help them determine which candidates to move forward as finalists. The Search Committee will select between three and six external candidates to be interviewed publicly as finalists by the School Committee – all internal candidates will additionally qualify as finalists. The Search Committee will provide the School Committee with their scores of both internal and external candidates, in order to better assess the best candidate to lead Quincy Public Schools.

Meet the Superintendent Search Committee

The 13-member committee includes three School Committee members, three teachers (one from each level of teaching), one parent from the Citywide PTO, one parent from the English Language Learners PAC, one parent from the Special Education PAC, one student, one Principal, one Superintendent Leadership Team member, and one Quincy non-profit/business leader. School Committee member Frank Santoro will chair the Search Committee.

The committee members are as follows:

  • Frank Santoro, School Committee Member (Chair)
  • Emily Lebo, School Committee Member
  • Paul Bregoli, School Committee Member
  • Maura Papile, Sr. Director of Student Support Services & Special Education
  • Larry Taglieri, Quincy High School Principal
  • Jayden Hallisey, North Quincy High School Student
  • Philip Chong, President & CEO of Quincy Asian Resources
  • Michael Ellis, Quincy High School Teacher
  • Peg McDonough, South~West Middle School Teacher
  • Nicole Prevost, Parker Elementary School Teacher
  • Scott Alessandro, Citywide Parent Council
  • Cassandra Beck, Quincy Parent Advisory Council to Special Education Parent
  • Laura Riofrio, English Learners Parent


QPS Superintendent Search Committee Meetings Information:


Application Process & Materials

The School Committee approved a brochure to advertise the job posting. The brochure includes information regarding necessary qualifications, selection criteria, an overview of the school district, the application process, and more. The brochure may be found here. Please note that all information included in the brochure has been listed on this page in order to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

To apply for the position, prospective candidates may do so by visiting: https://www./images/formmasc.orgs/suptsearches/quincyonlineapp20.pdf

For further information please contact:

Glenn Koocher or Kathleen Kelly, Quincy Search

Massachusetts Association of School Committees

One McKinley Square, Boston, MA 02109

Phone: (800)392-6023 Fax: (617)742-4125

Email: for application forms

Completed applications and information must be received at the above location or faxed on or before JUNE 25 at 3:00 p.m. EDT. The appointment will be made on or about AUGUST 12, 2020 with a STARTING DATE TO BE NEGOTIATED with the School Committee. Prospective candidates should not contact School Committee members or members of the administration regarding this matter.


  • Licensed or eligible for licensure as a superintendent in Massachusetts;
  • Masters degree required, advanced degree preferred;
  • Minimum of 10 years in education, including central office/administrative experience and/or teaching experience;
  • Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Quincy School Committee may find appropriate and acceptable.

Salary & Contract

The school committee will negotiate a contract with competitive compensation and benefits commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Selection Criteria

Candidates will be evaluated on their professional merits with emphasis on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrates strong skills in the development and implementation of the budget.
  • Demonstrates successful experience in sound management practices.
  • Demonstrates knowledge in the development and implementation of curriculum.
  • Demonstrated history of successful team- building & leadership experience as well as excellent communication skills
  • Demonstrates skill in working with diverse groups.
  • Demonstrates success in improving and maintaining high academic performance.
  • Demonstrates the ability to work cooperatively with the school committee, and city leaders and departments.
  • Demonstrates knowledge to develop and follow-through on both short- and long-term district goals.
  • Understands and recognizes good teaching and knows how to encourage it.
  • Demonstrates experience with MA DESE Educator Evaluation System.
  • Demonstrates 21st century skills.
  • Demonstrates a willingness to commit long-term to the position.
  • Demonstrates strong ethical values.

*Additional criteria may be added in order to adhere to the results of the Leadership Profile Survey

Why Quincy?

Public education is strongly supported in Quincy for its all-important role in the development of individuals as both citizens and as productive members of the local and regional economy. The Quincy Public Schools (QPS) possess a long-standing tradition for innovative curriculum and excellence in public education.

Quincy is a city of 94,850 residents and includes a diverse constituency with over 31% of the population having been born outside of the U.S. Over 90% of Quincy families choose to send their children to QPS. This level of trust in QPS has enabled the City to open its third new school since 2010, the South~West Middle School. Meanwhile, the City is planning on a new Squantum Elementary School, discussing a new elementary school to serve West Quincy, and has recently acquired a 53,000 square foot building to establish its very own special education center.

This past year, QPS was selected by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to participate in their first-ever Promising Practices Review. The Review documented QPS’s best practices and explored how these might be replicated in other districts. In addition, Clifford Marshall Elementary School was named a National ESEA Distinguished School for its progress in closing the achievement gap between student subgroups for two or more consecutive years.

Quincy also has strong support from the business community, with over 100 local partners providing funding, training and employment experience, mentors, and volunteers to enhance the educational and professional opportunities for students


The School District

Student Enrollment 2019-2020:  9,891

Demographic Data

  • Native American: 0.2%
  • African American/Black: 6.9%
  • Asian: 39.5%
  • Hispanic: 6.1%
  • White: 43.8%
  • Other: 3.5%
  • Economically Disadvantaged Students: 34.5%
  • English Learners: 15.5%
  • Students with Disabilities: 18.5%

Administration & Staff:

  • Superintendent
  • Deputy Superintendent
  • Director of Business Management
  • Senior Director of Student Support Services & Program Initiatives
  • Director of Special Education
  • Senior Director of Middle & High School Programs & Initiatives
  • Executive Director of Career & Technical Education; Technology
  • Director of Food Services
  • Director of Safety, Security, &Transportation
  • Athletic Directors (2)
  • Coordinator of Custodial Services
  • Coordinator of Data & Accountability
  • Principals, Assistant Principals, Teachers
  • Paraprofessionals
  • School Secretaries/Admin. Assts./ Clerks
  • Custodians/Maintenance
  • School Lunch Employees

School Buildings:

  • 11 Elementary Schools
  • 5 Middle Schools
  • 2 High Schools
  • 1 Early Childhood Center
  • 1 Comprehensive Extended and Continuing Education Program
  • 1 Special Education Center (Opening Fall '21)

FY20 QPS Budget: $115,409,569

FY20 Quincy Net School Spending: $152,929,941

The School Committee

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