Quincy Students & Community Businesses Participate in 10th Annual Credit For Life Fair

The tenth annual Credit for Life Fair was held yesterday, with seniors enrolled in a business class at Quincy High School and North Quincy High School and our community business partners and volunteers participating.

The goal of the fair is for students to better understand the impact of spending decisions, the importance of credit, budgeting and money management, and the benefits of financially prudent decisions.

Volunteers guided students at each booth location (each booth represents a spending choice students will have to make in the future) and encourage them to visit the education and training booth and credit counseling center when reassessing their career choices and their spending activities. Students must visit every booth, to complete the requirements of the day.

Prior to the fair, each student selects a career choice which includes their financial profile. The financial profile lists income and expenses such as loans, credit card balances, and credit score. During the fair, students live “a-day-in-the-life” where they are challenged to make financial decisions. Each booth represents an expense or financial decision scenario. For example, students will visit a booth on transportation, clothing, nutrition, retirement and saving/investing, insurance, reality check, credit and lending, housing, luxury, etc. The students decide on purchases in these categories and try to “balance” their income and expenses by the end of the fair. It is an “eye opening” experience and a valuable, realistic lesson for our students.

Special thanks to our Quincy Public Schools staff that worked so hard to make this a successful event. With the rising costs of college it's more important than ever that students fully understand the financial decisions they'll need to make in the not so distant future.